Reserve Deputy Program
Deputy badge The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy program is dedicated to recruitment and training of law enforcement personnel to augment the Patrol Bureau of the Sheriff’s Office.

The Reserve Deputy program began in 1963. The three officers in the program at that time learned how to be peace officers with on the job training. From that date until 1980, the Reserves continued to receive informal training. In 1980, a new breed of 20 dedicated officers was required to attend a law enforcement training academy, the Reserve Academy. After receiving a total of 440 hours of academic and practical skills instruction, the cadets earned their full certification as Arizona peace officers.

Reserve officers receive no pay for their efforts. These Sheriff’s Office corps of volunteer peace officers mirror the motivation and dedication of regular, paid Deputies.

Value of Volunteer Time
During 2020, the Sheriff's Reserve Deputies worked 975.50 hours on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office and Yuma County residents. Based on the Independent Sector's national hourly rate for 2020 ($28.54), the value of their volunteer labor in 2020 was $27,840.77. Based on the Independent Sector's 2020 hourly rate for the State of Arizona ($26.94), the value of their volunteer labor in 2020 was $26,279.97.

Reserve Deputy Law Enforcement Training Academy
The current Reserve Academy is hosted by Arizona Western College. The cadets pay their own tuition and uniform costs during the nine-month Academy. The cadets receive their “limited” status after successful completion of six months of academic and practical skills instruction including firearms training and defensive driving.

Once the cadets graduate from the academy, they are fully certified peace officers. In order to be accepted into the Sheriff’s Office Reserve program, they must complete and pass a competitive written exam and physical fitness test. The new officers must also complete the Sheriff’s Office Field Training Program before they are able to conduct solo patrols in Yuma County. After six hundred (600) hours of Field Training, officers become an integral part of the Sheriff's Office Patrol Bureau.

Reserve Deputy Activities
Reserves regularly assist serving high-risk search warrants. They also work at civic functions like parades and the Yuma County Fair. The Reserves also volunteer for other special events and provide indispensable “coverage” for Deputies who are on sick leave, who are in training, or who are assigned to other special details.

This pool of well-trained officers permits the Sheriff’s Office to provide seamless law enforcement services to residents of Yuma County.

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Regarding the Reserve Deputy Program, please contact:

Sgt. Richard Meraz
SOLV Coordinator
Tel: (928) 819-2212
Hours: Monday-Thursday, 7:00 AM-5:00 PM