Sheriff's Posse
Posse badge The Yuma County Sheriff’s Posse is a volunteer unit that was established to assist the Sheriff’s Office during emergencies. The Posse routinely helps the Sheriff’s Office with mounted security details during events such as the Yuma County Fair, the Silver Spur Rodeo, Grad Night, block parties, concerts and other benefits throughout the county.

The Posse also assists in ground searches for missing persons and fugitives and ride along with Patrol Deputies to assist in patrolling on the streets and waterways in Yuma County. They are invaluable to the Sheriff’s Office during natural disasters as they help certified officers secure homes in flooded areas, direct traffic, and handle communications among volunteers. In addition, Posse members are also part of the Livestock Crimes Unit which was formed in 2012 due to an increase in livestock related calls for service.

Value of Volunteer Time
During 2020, the Sheriff's Posse worked 737.50 hours on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office and Yuma County residents. Based on the Independent Sector's national hourly rate for 2020 ($28.54), the value of their volunteer labor in 2020 was $21,048.25. Based on the Independent Sector's 2020 hourly rate for the State of Arizona ($26.94), the value of their volunteer labor in 2020 was $19,868.25.

Membership Requirements
In order to become a member of the Sheriff's Posse, applicants must:
  • be sponsored by a current Active Member
  • complete membership application
  • have horse and required tack
  • perform and pass a riding test before a committee
  • pass a background check
  • complete the third level of the Volunteer Academy

NOTE: Members are encouraged to complete all four levels of the Volunteer Academy to include the firearms portion, but it is not required. Posse members who wish to carry a firearm must complete level four of the Volunteer Academy and must participate and qualify in all the Sheriff's Office qualifications.

Uniforms and Equipment
Upon acceptance into the Sheriff's Posse, members will be provided with a uniform. All other equipment will be the responsibility of the Posse member and must meet requirements set forth by the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office.
Regular meetings are held the first Monday of every month from September through May. A dinner/meeting is held in June for all Posse members. The months of July and August are training meetings that include training in CPR, officer safety, patrol procedures, handcuffing and many other topics depending on what the membership feels they need a refresher on.
To Become a Volunteer...

Or for more information regarding the Sheriff's Posse, please contact:

Sgt. Richard Meraz
SOLV Coordinator
Tel: (928) 819-2212
Hours: Monday-Thursday, 7:00 AM-5:00 PM