Crime Prevention


A Message from Sheriff Wilmot about Crime Prevention

It is unfortunate that in a country as great as America, we still have crime—crimes against people, against property and against our country. Crime prevention should be forefront in our minds.

We have to protect our homes—not only day to day, but also when we go on vacation.

We have to protect our identities. There is no denying that technology has made the world a better place, but the internet has opened our homes to a whole new world for criminals, scam artists and child predators. Technology is a wonderful thing but as the Yuma community grows larger and more complex, the challenges associated with crime prevention grow as well.

We have to protect our families. Drugs, gangs and the deterioration of families plague our country and impact our children. While the task to protect our children and teach them basic crime prevention seems daunting, let’s begin at home with home security, identity theft prevention and vacation safety tips.

If you would like an officer to speak to you or your group regarding crime prevention, please contact Sgt. Richard Meraz at (928) 819-2212.


Community Resources

Here at the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office we believe that Crime Prevention is as much a part of our duty as responding to a crime that has already occurred. One very effective way of preventing crime is through community education. We have provided the following information and brochures to help educate the community about crime prevention, safety and preparedness. Please feel free to download, read, and pass-on the information provided below.

General Crime Prevention/Safety Information
Disaster Preparedness

Other Crime Prevention Information

Click links below for more information about crime prevention, safety and preparedness.
  • Home Security Tips: Tips and precautions for making your home secure.
  • Neighborhood Watch: Information regarding the National Neighborhood Watch program (formerly and resources to start a watch.
  • Identity Theft: Information about identity theft and tips for prevention.
  • Scam Alerts: Information regarding current scam alerts and Scam and Fraud resources.
  • Vacation Safety Tips: Tips for vacation preparedness and safety while traveling.

For Your Information

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