Patrol Bureau Specialty Teams



The mission of the Patrol Bureau Specialty Teams is to support all Sheriff’s Office units, as well as other local law enforcement agencies as needed, in emergency situations. These teams are comprised of highly trained officers who possess the skills needed to respond when called upon to conduct critical investigations and diffuse hazardous situations.

Members of the specialty teams are highly qualified and undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure they meet the extremely high standards of these units. The Sheriff’s Office is committed to excellence, and the members of these teams are among the best of the best.


Crisis Management Unit

The mission of the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office Crisis Management Unit (CMU) is to operationally support all Sheriff’s Office units with negotiating skills during hostage situations, during kidnappings, with barricaded subjects, during critical incidents and/or with any major investigations.

The CMU is commanded by a Lieutenant. Members of this unit are selected after very thorough and critical process. The CMU currently has eight members who maintain regular employment with the department and are FBI Certified Hostage Negotiators and undergo special training in negotiating techniques.


Critical Collision Investigations

The Sheriff’s Office Critical Collision Investigations team provides professional traffic accident investigation for motor vehicle accidents that result in death or serious injury. The Critical Collision Investigations team also investigates motor vehicle accidents involving Sheriff’s Office vehicles, motor vehicle accidents involving other agencies and other accidents as directed by the Sheriff. Patrol Deputies assume the major responsibility for traffic enforcement and accident investigation during their regular duty hours. However, fatal accidents or serious injury accidents require the expertise of the Critical Collision Investigations team.

The Critical Collision Investigations team not only responds to YCSO calls, but also assists other agencies on a request basis. In addition, the Critical Collision Investigations team works closely with personnel from the Yuma County Attorney’s Office and the Yuma County Highway Department to provide accident reconstruction and analysis of accidents to review and assess liability, if necessary.

The Critical Collision Investigations team is fortunate to have the benefit of the Traffic Deputies, the analysts, the documentation specialist, and liability review team. The cooperative efforts and professional investigation of accidents by the Critical Collision Investigations team helps identify liability to the County, if any, and enables Deputies to return to their patrol duties.


Special Response Team

The Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team (SRT) responds to situations that require tactical skills and weapons. At the scene, their presence helps reduce the danger to people involved and to other Deputies that respond.

The SRT is comprised of volunteers from the Patrol Bureau, Detention Bureau, and from Reserve Deputies. Candidates are screened, tested and approved by SRT members with final approval by the Sheriff. A Lieutenant oversees command of the team, which is managed by a team leader and two assistant team leaders.

The SRT makes the most of the skills and talents of its team members. Deputies use their considerable knowledge to handle dignitary security details, high risk search warrants, barricaded subjects, urban assault responses, and assaults by terrorists, active shooters, or assaults using sophisticated weaponry. This highly trained team works closely as a group whose focus is to do no harm to individuals and bring an incident to a successful conclusion with minimal damage to property.


Underwater Search and Recovery Team

The Sheriff’s Office Underwater Search and Recovery Team is comprised of one Lieutenant, one sergeant and four deputies who are certified underwater divers through the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) in addition to being certified peace officers. The team is used for water related incidents such as the recovery of drowning victims and victims of crimes in or near the water. The team is trained in underwater search and recovery techniques, underwater crime scene investigation, and in the use of specialized equipment including underwater metal detectors and underwater cameras. The dive team searches for evidence that may have been discarded in the Colorado River, canals or lakes in and around Yuma County. The team shares its expertise with area law enforcement in Arizona and agencies in neighboring southern California. The team has also responded to requests for underwater recovery in Mexico.
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