Livestock Crimes Unit
The mission of the Sheriff’s Office Livestock Crimes Unit (LCU) is to assist the Arizona Department of Agriculture’s Animal Services Division with investigating cases of cruelty, abandonment and stray livestock in Yuma County.
About the LCU
The Sheriff’s Office Livestock Crimes Unit (LCU) was formed in 2012 due to an increase in livestock related calls for service. Each year since then, the LCU has responded to over 100 livestock calls annually ranging from stray or loose livestock, to large animal rescues, and cruelty cases.

The LCU members have received specialized training in the areas of animal abuse, handling and rescue. They are also trained in large animal rescues from dangerous or life threatening situations, such as natural disasters, traffic collisions and livestock trapped in bodies of water. Most of the LCU members are horse owners and have an array of knowledge and experience that is beneficial to the Mission.

The LCU consists of a Patrol Sergeant, Deputies and members of the Sheriff’s Posse.

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Livestock Crimes Unit F.A.Q.
This section has been created to answer common questions about livestock and animal abuse. If you need further assistance, please call (928) 783-4427.
LCU Contact Information
If you have any questions regarding livestock and/or animal cruelty or you would like to email the LCU, contact:

YCSO Livestock Crimes Unit
141 S. 3rd Avenue
Tel: (928) 783-4427

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