Evidence Department


The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office Evidence Department is staffed by an Evidence Supervisor and an Evidence Technician, and is overseen by a Patrol Bureau Lieutenant. The Evidence Department staff is responsible for receiving, cataloging and storing all evidence seized during investigations as well as submitting evidence to appropriate crime labs for forensic testing when needed. Evidence is produced for trial as requested by the County Attorney and disposed of according to State Statute and Department Policy when the case is adjudicated.

The Evidence Department also temporarily stores any property recovered by the Sheriff’s Office as lost, found or held for safekeeping for the owner. Non-evidentiary property stored by the Sheriff’s Office is returned to the owner when possible or disposed of according to State Statute and Department policy when appropriate.

The Evidence Department utilizes a bar coding system for all items entered into evidence or held for temporary storage. This bar coding system provides complete accountability of all evidence and property held by the Sheriff’s Office. It also generates reports documenting all movement of evidence as well as the ultimate disposition of all items held.

Due to ever growing demands for evidence and property storage, the Evidence Department was transferred to a larger purpose built room in 2010 which incorporates a moving shelf design to maximize the use of available space.

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