Criminal Investigations Bureau
The mission of the Criminal Investigations Bureau (CIB) is to provide quality service to the Citizens of Yuma County through successful investigations and follow-up of specific criminal actions, which have occurred within the jurisdiction of the Yuma County Sheriff's Office.
CIB Operations
The Criminal Investigations Bureau is comprised of criminal investigators with a bureau commander who is administratively responsible for day to day operations. While the investigators are involved in general investigations ranging from criminal damage to homicide, they also have sub-specialties with specialized training in the following areas:

Homicide/Major Crimes
Investigate homicide, attempted homicide, aggravated assaults, deaths with suspicious circumstances, and armed robberies. These investigators are also tasked with investigating “Cold” cases. These investigators have been through basic and advanced training in the field of homicide investigation.

Sexual Related Crimes/Domestic Violence Response
Investigators are assigned to respond to the department’s Domestic Violence incidents where injuries to victims have occurred. They investigate any crime of domestic violence that has aggravating circumstances and work in conjunction with the victim’s centers and the prosecutor’s office to bring the case to a successful conclusion.

Investigators and Administrators are also assigned to a local Domestic Violence Task Force that meets once a month to combat domestic violence. Investigators also assume the primary role in investigating sexually motivated crimes such as sexual assaults and or sexual crimes with children being involved.

These Investigators also track, maintain files, and investigate violations of "Megan's Law" by registered sex offenders that reside within Yuma County.

Property/Fraud Crimes
An Investigator is assigned to work on cases involving fraudulent schemes for financial gain, residential/commercial burglaries and due to the attraction of Yuma being a place to reside during the winter months, investigation and prosecution of crimes against the elderly and winter visitors. The tracking of all pawn transactions are also maintained.

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