Boating Safety & Enforcement Unit (Boat Patrol)
The Sheriff’s Office has assumed an active role in promoting boating safety and law enforcement on area waterways since the1980’s. Currently, one Sergeant and two full-time Deputies are assigned to the Boating Safety and Enforcement Unit to conduct daily patrols on the lower Colorado River and lakes in Yuma County.

The majority of boating activity in Yuma County is on the Colorado River from Imperial Dam to Julian Wash, a distance of 30 miles. Along this 30-mile watershed are numerous boat ramps, boat docks, camping facilities and backwaters. The Boating Safety officers assist stranded and disabled motorists and assist with search and rescue efforts in the area.

In addition, the Boating Safety officers also patrol 27 miles of the Colorado River south of Imperial Dam to the Mexican border. Over the last several years there has been a significant increase in traffic due to the restoration of the wetlands area as well as vendors that offer tubing rentals for float downs through this area. The Boating Safety Officers also assist several state and federal agencies to include the Arizona Game & Fish Department and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in patrolling the outlying areas of Northern Yuma County.

The Boating Safety officers also conduct lectures and classes for various community groups, other county agencies and local military bases in water and boating safety.

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Or to schedule a class on water or boating safety, contact:

Sgt. David Callahan
Tel: (928) 783-4427