Community Information Bulletin
The following information is provided in an effort to keep the citizens of Yuma County informed of monthly activities and statistics for the Yuma County Sheriff's Office.

Administration Bureau

Civil Department
During the month of December 2021, the YCSO Civil Department personnel provided the following services:

  • Fingerprinting: 33
  • Civil Process Service
    • Received 518 legal documents for service
    • Served 178 legal documents

Records Department
During the month of December 2021, the YCSO Records Department personnel processed the following:

Reports merged 2649
Reports processed for court 204
Victims notifications received 255
Impounded vehicles 1
Impound releases 1
Validations 139
Public Records/Report Requests completed 309
Local Record Checks completed 77
Scanned/imported documents 2751
Data entry 314
Jacket consolidations 117

Sex Offenders
The YCSO is responsible for registering sex offenders who reside in Yuma County. This includes new registrations, address changes and/or updates, and confirming offenders that have moved out of the area. During the month of December 2021, the YCSO:

  • Registered 9 new sex offenders
  • Confirmed 1 sex offender moved out of Yuma County
  • Received 27 sex offender updates (includes address changes, employment changes, phone numbers, etc.)
  • Issued 2 community notifications
  • Conducted 78 sex offender compliance checks
  • Tracked a total of 302 sex offenders currently living in Yuma County
    • Pending Level assessment: 5
    • Level 1: 167
    • Level 2: 63
    • Level 3: 67
  • Tracked 7 sex offenders incarcerated in the Yuma County Detention Center
Detention Bureau
During the month of December 2021, the average daily inmate population was 434, of which:
  • 355 were adult males
  • 74 were adult females
  • 5 were juvenile males
  • 31 are sentenced inmates

During this period, the YCSO Detention Bureau:

  • Processed an average of 12 bookings per day
  • Processed an average of 13 releases per day

A total of 362 inmates were admitted, of which:

  • 285 were adult males
  • 76 were adult females
  • 1 was a juvenile male

A total of 395 inmates were released, of which:

  • 306 were adult males
  • 87 were adult females
  • 2 were juvenile males
Patrol Bureau
During the month of December 2021, the YCSO received an average of 288 calls for service per day.

Total calls for service: 8,938 (YTD: 105,538)

Traffic Related Incidents

  • 90 traffic collisions
    • 0 fatal collisions (YTD: 12)
    • 17 injury collisions (YTD: 230)
    • 0 injury collision alcohol related (YTD: 11)
    • 62 non injury collisions (YTD: 534)
    • 0 non injury collisions alcohol related (YTD: 9)
    • 11 private property collisions (YTD: 163)
  • 37 traffic citations (YTD: 619)
  • 3 DUI citations (YTD: 23)
  • 155 traffic incidents (YTD: 2,036)
  • 35 traffic repair orders (YTD: 636)
  • 82 traffic warnings (YTD: 1,566)

Communications Department (Dispatch)
The YCSO Communications Department not only dispatches for the Sheriff's Office, but they also dispatch calls for the Yuma County Animal Control, Wellton Police Department, Tacna Fire Department, Martinez Lake Fire Department, and Tri-Valley Ambulance.

During the month of December 2021, the YCSO Communications handled a total of 11,585 phone calls which consisted of the following:
  • 911 calls: 2,913
  • Admin calls: 6,790
  • Outgoing calls: 1,882

During this same period, the YCSO Communications dispatched a total of 9,632 computer aided dispatch (CAD) calls as follows:

  • YCSO: 9,134
  • Other agencies: 498

Yuma County Narcotics Task Force
During the month of December 2021, the Yuma County Narcotics Task Force (YCNTF) served 1 search warrant and made 3 arrests which consisted of the following:

  • Drug Related Offenses: 2 arrests

    • Distribution/Sales Arrests: 1
      • 1 Fentanyl
    • Possession Arrests: 1
      • 1 Fentanyl

  • Non Drug Related Offenses: 1 arrest (traffic related)

Breakdown of the total number persons arrested:

  • 3 adult males

Drug Seizures
Drugs seized by the YCNTF during this period had a street value of $99,750.00 and consisted of the following:

Type of Drugs Qty Seized Street Value
Fentanyl 16,072 pills $80,360.00
Fentanyl (powder) 1.54 ounces $3,090.00
Methamphetamine 28.75 ounces $16,300.00

Non-Drug Seizures
In addition to drug seizures, YCNTF officers also seize assets that were either instruments or proceeds of the criminal activity, as well as paraphernalia items. During this period YCNTF officers seized:

  • 3 firearms
  • 25 miscellaneous drug paraphernalia items
Yuma County Sheriff's Office League of Volunteers
During the month of December 2021, the Yuma County Sheriff's Office League of Volunteers (SOLV) donated a total of 599 hours to the YCSO and the community which consisted of the following:

Volunteer Group Hours Donated
Civilian Volunteers 347.5 hours
Explorers 10 hours
Posse 0 hours
Reserve Deputies 159 hours
Search and Rescue 82.5 hours

Some of the call-outs that the SOLV members worked during the month of December 2021 were as follows:

  • Search and Rescue: 1 call-out for a body recovery.

Security, Traffic or Crowd Control
In addition to the above listed events, YCSO deputies, reserve deputies and/or volunteer units provided security, traffic or crowd control for the following events:

  • Yuma Community Food Bank Gala - 12/4
  • Orange Grove School Christmas Festival - 12/14 & 12/16
  • Foothills Light Parade - 12/17-12/19

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