Commendation/Complaint Information
A Message from the Sheriff
Sheriff Leon Wilmot The Yuma County Sheriff's Office is “Dedicated to Service”. This means we care aboutwhat you think of the service we provide to this community. We value your opinions—positive or negative—and use this information to deliver the best possible service to you, the citizens. Your input shapes programs, policies, training and discipline.

In 1997, we put together a customer service program and have been honing the process ever since. Our customer service program includes forwarding commendations when earned and investigating complaints when received.

This process has many steps and includes reviewing information from people directly involved in an incident such as victims, witnesses, friends, relatives of those involved or any other group or organization with whom you feel comfortable.

You may make a commendation or complaint in person, by letter, via the internet or by telephone. You need not give us your name, but we encourage you to do so in case we need additional information or to let you know the outcome of the investigation.

If you feel strongly about our department’s performance—positive or negative—let us know.


Commend an employee

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