Commend an Employee
As a means of maintaining both employee performance and community relations, the Yuma County Sheriff's Office welcomes the commendations of our employees who admirably perform their duties.
How to Commend an Employee
When you have experienced service from the Yuma Countys Sheriff's Office that you feel is worthy of commendation, or you wish to commend the actions of any YCSO employee, we would like to hear about it. You may submit information in any of the following manners:
  • In Person: Ask to speak with the employee's supervisor or verbally communicate your praise; or
  • Telephone: Call the Yuma County Sheriff's Office at (928) 783-4427; or
  • Letter: Write a letter to the Sheriff explaining your appreciation for the employee's actions (Address: YCSO, 141 S. 3rd Avenue, Yuma, AZ 85364); or 
  • Internet Form: Complete and submit a form via the internet to let our employee know that what he or she did is appreciated. Click here to complete Commendation Form

Please include all the details you can remember such as the employee's name, the date, time and the circumstances of the incident.

Commendations received for any employee will result in advising the employee of your gratitude, and permanently recording the employee's actions and your appreciation in his or her personnel file.

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