Detention Officer

Salary & Classification

Type: Full Time
Classification: Non-exempt, eligible for overtime compensation
Salary: $17.62–$22.15/hr, D.O.Q.
Grade: 201
Closing Date: Open continuously

Download recruitment announcement: Detention Officer (PDF), DO Testing Information (PDF)


Nature of Work
Under general supervision, performs security work of moderate difficulty in the supervision, transportation, care, and welfare of inmates. This position has department specific responsibility.

Experience & Education
High School diploma or GED equivalent. Must successfully complete a minimum of 320 hours of correctional training.

Additional Requirements
This classification requires the applicant to successfully complete a background check, physical, psychological, polygraph examination, and drug test prior to appointment; must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license; and must be 18 years of age.

The above information is intended to describe the general nature of this position and is not to be considered a complete statement of duties, responsibilities and requirements.

Reasonable accommodations will be made in order for an “otherwise qualified applicant” with a disability to participate in any stage of the recruitment process. Requests for accommodation must be made through the Yuma County Human Resources Department in advance of the event, or as soon as practical, so that necessary arrangements can be made. (928) 373-1013 OR TDD (928) 373-1013.

Examples of Work
(Illustrative only) Controls and supervises the movement and activities of inmates; supervises visitations; maintains the safety and physical security of the facility, staff, inmates and visitors; conducts continual visual surveillance, security walks, head counts, and inmate cell searches; inspects the living conditions within the housing units for sanitation compliance; interviews and classifies inmates for assignment to correct security level; enforces discipline; serves meals to inmates; transports inmates to court hearings, health care providers, and to other facilities; coordinates with other agencies for extraditions; processes bookings by completing paperwork, frisks and strip searches inmates to detect weapons and contraband, property inventory, photographs, fingerprints, and enters data into the computer system; verifies the identification of persons in custody; processes inmates releases; creates and maintains inmate’s files; interviews inmates for any medical conditions and for investigations; participates in the investigation and compilation of information regarding inmate grievances and hearings; manages housing units; responds to and manages emergencies, life-threatening, and hazardous situations; restrains combative, suicidal, or mentally disturbed inmates; determines inmates are ill or injured and obtains medical attention; cleans jail cells, as necessary; prepares and maintains chronological logs and records of facility and inmate activity; distributes and collects all incoming and outgoing mail; disseminates court paperwork to appropriate areas; prepares bond receipts and collects bonds; operates computer terminal to retrieve inmate information; operates electronic surveillance equipment, fingerprint equipment, radio communications equipment, and office equipment; compiles detention statistics and computer data; administers first aid procedures, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and automated external defibrillation (AED); may testify in court proceedings; conducts inventories of detention supplies and commodities; prepares lessons plans, conducts in-service training, and may serve as a field training officer (FTO); may be required to be weapons proficiency with issued firearm, if assigned to specialty unit; performs routine clerical duties; maintains appropriate security and confidentiality of all information and material encountered in the performance of his/her duties; maintains regular and reliable attendance; performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge & Skills

Knowledge of: Yuma County Policies and Procedures; Federal, State, and County laws related to inmates; Sheriff’s Office Detention facility policies and procedures; court procedures, documentation, and legal terminology as it applies to a detention facility; behavior patterns of incarcerated persons, techniques of detainee control, search and transportation procedures, discipline and restraint protocols, and grievance procedures; human behavior and various social, economic, and cultural backgrounds; First Aid procedures, Bloodborne pathogens; and hazardous materials, conditions and devices; business English, spelling, and arithmetic.

Skills in: Supervising activities; preparing clear, comprehensive, and accurate reports and observations; interpreting and applying laws and regulations, making decisions, maintaining composure, and working effectively under stressful conditions and emergency situations; interviewing and dealing impartially with people of different social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds; responding to emergencies and stressful situations calmly, quickly, and decisively; in the use of firearms, motor vehicles and other law enforcement equipment; administering first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and automated external defibrillation (AED); operating computerized technology and job-related software applications.

Ability to: Read, learn, understand, apply and follow rules, regulations, instructions, and Detention practices and procedures; give and receive orders and to work as a team member in a structured working environment; direct the activities of inmates; recognize unusual medical, physical or mental conditions of inmates; deal physically and/or verbally with uncooperative, distraught, or hostile individuals; comprehend, retain and recall factual information; write reports, complete forms, and accurate documentation concerning inmates’ activities; operate a computer terminal and related software, motor vehicles, firearms, communication and law enforcement equipment; react quickly and effectively to physical confrontations and emergency situations; perform multiple physical tasks simultaneously; establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors, employees, other agencies, and the public; communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing; work rotating shifts, weekends, and holidays.

Work Environment/Physical Demands
(Illustrative Only) Work in performed in a secure detention facility and in general office environment; direct inmate contact; work a variety of scheduled shifts, weekends and holidays, irregular hours and/or on call status; work in confined spaces for prolonged periods of time; frequent standing, walking, lifting, pushing/pulling, kneeling, crouching, bending, twisting, and climbing stairs; stand and sit for long period of time; physical agility to restrain inmates; exposure to potentially hazardous, disabling and life-threatening situations; exposure to communicable diseases, hazardous materials, and unpleasant odors; wear required uniform articles and safety equipment for extended period of time; lift and pull up to 165 pounds in emergency situations; use and maintain proficiency with a variety of law enforcement tools including, firearms, baton, and other weapons; visual and muscular dexterity to operate: a motor vehicle, computer equipment, surveillance equipment, and two-way radio maintaining constant vigilance to the surrounding area; utilized two-way radio to hear and respond to:  radio communications, voice instructions, and/or commands under a variety of working situations and background noise levels; annual TB skin testing; random urine analysis testing.

Apply Online

All Yuma County applications must be submitted on-line through NeoGov. Yuma County no longer accepts paper applications. To apply on-line, click link: Yuma County Employment

If you do not have access to a computer, Yuma County has kiosks located at 198 S. Main Street, Yuma, AZ.

If you have questions or need assistance with the on-line application process, please contact:

Yuma County Human Resources Department
198 S. Main Street
Yuma, AZ 85364
Tel: (928) 373-1013

Job Line: (928) 373-6090


If selected for testing, applicants will be notified by telephone and/or by mail of testing date, time and location. Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes prior. Testing will begin promptly at the time indicated.