Laundry Services


In 2023, the Yuma County Detention Center washed approximately 321,680 pounds of inmate laundry to ensure that inmates were provided with clean sheets, uniforms, blankets, and towels. That volume or 161 tons, is equivalent to 881 pounds of laundry every day at an average cost of $1.98 per load.

The laundry room is run by a civilian employee who supervises several laundry crews made up of female inmates and run an average of 8 hours per day to keep up with the demand.

Laundry Training Program
The inmates that work this detail are instructed on how to run commercial washing machines and dryers, fold and organize clean items, and fill laundry orders. They also learn about teamwork, time management, and communication skills with the hope that developing a good work ethic through a positive experience will translate to employment skills when the inmates are released.

During 2023, the Laundry Training Program issued:

  • 25 certificates for the Laundry Services Training Program
  • 18 certificates for the Sewing and Ironing Training Program