Jail Industries

The objective of Jail Industries is to provide working inmates who have been sentenced to county time the opportunity to perform meaningful work in conjunction with learning a trade or skill while incarcerated. The ultimate goal is to release inmates back into the community with more employable skills.

Training and education is provided in various trades such as food service and preparation, laundry service, sewing basics, and paperwork production.  In conjunction with this training, inmates can receive services for substance or alcohol abuse, education services, and self-help books that cover such topics as anger management and substance abuse.

While participating in these programs, work ethics, attention to detail, and accountability are emphasized. If at any time during the certification process of any of the Jail Industries’ programs the working inmates are placed in disciplinary sanctions, they will be withdrawn from the program.


Kitchen Skill Training Program

In July of 2008, the Yuma County Sheriff's Office initiated the “Kitchen Skills Training Program”. This program is run by the Detention Centers food service provider, Trinity Services Group, Inc. The program focuses on five distinct topics over a thirty-day period. Those topics include: Food Safety, Personal Safety, Sanitation, Chemical Supplies, and Ground Rules (basic food service protocols).

The target population is male inmates that have been sentenced to a term or incarceration at the Yuma County Detention Center for a minimum of 60 days and have been assigned to the kitchen work program. The goal of this program is to give the inmates practical skills and knowledge in food service that will increase their chance of gaining employment post-release.

In 2023, a total of 47 participants completed this pre-release program.

  • 46 inmates received “Employee of the Month” certificates for their work in the program.
  • 4 inmates received "Inmate Excellence" certificates for those who worked with us for over 6 months in different kitchen areas.
  • 33 inmates received "Serve Safe" certificates (food handler).

Laundry Services Training Program

The Laundry Services Training Program is part of the Detention Laundry Services. The  inmates that work this detail are instructed on how to run commercial washing machines and dryers, fold and organize clean items, and fill laundry orders. They also learn about teamwork, time management, and communication skills with the hope that developing a good work ethic through a positive experience will translate to employment skills when the inmates are released.

During 2023, a total of 25 certificates of completion were issued for the Laundry Services Training Program.


Sewing & Ironing Training Program

In January 2020, a Sewing and Ironing Training Program was started as part of the Detention Laundry Services. In addition to supervising several laundry crews of inmates, the Laundry Supervisor also instructs a sewing class that teaches the inmates basic sewing and machine techniques. The inmates receive instruction on how to use the sewing machine, what tension is required for different types of material, as well as how to sew basic stitches and seams.

In addition to sewing, the inmates are instructed on how to iron. This includes learning about the different iron temperatures, different material types, and how to make a simple starch.

In order to earn a certificate of completion for the program, the inmate must pass a final exam which consists of a quiz and completing a tote.

During 2023, a total of 18 certificates of completion were issued for the Sewing and Ironing Training Program


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Contact the Detention Center Inmate Programs Office at (928) 539-7883.
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