Records Department
The primary function of the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office Records Department is to provide support for both the Patrol and Detention Bureaus. The Records Department accomplishes this task by providing timely and accurate information to requesting parties, which include law enforcement personnel, court personnel, the media and the general public.

The Records Department is located across the street from the YCSO Main Office.

YCSO Records Department
160 S. 3rd Avenue, Suite B
Yuma, AZ 85364
Tel: (928) 329-2254
Directions to YCSO Records Department

Office Hours:
8:00 AM-5:00 PM (excluding holidays)

The Records Department is the custodian of all records generated by the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office and the Yuma County Detention Center. This department performs a critical function within the organization in determining which cases are confidential in nature or for public record. This department is tasked with efficiently and accurately determining what information can be disseminated to the general public, other agencies or law enforcement.

In addition to being the custodian of records, the daily duties of the Records Department include:

  • Receiving and scanning reports, citations, supplements and attachments from the Patrol Bureau;
  • Processing and preparing reports, citations and supplements for courts;
  • Entering data from reports, citations and supplements into the computer data base;
  • Preparing and mailing notification letters to victims of crimes and/or when a suspect in a case has been released from jail;
  • Preparing and mailing notification letters to registered owners and lien holders of impounded vehicles;
  • Processing public records/report requests forms;
  • Researching requests for public records/reports, local records checks, photographs and fingerprints; and
  • Processing documents required for impound vehicle hearings.

Public Records Requests
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Regarding records requests or reports, contact the Records Department at (928) 329-2254.